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Entering Mathematical Equations
E-Mail Address Click to create a hyperlink that opens a new, preaddressed
message window in your default mail program.
The Insert Hyperlink dialog box includes other options you might want to customize:
Text To Display If you select text or graphics before you open the Insert Hyperlink
dialog box, it appears here. Otherwise, Office suggests the text that forms the
clickable link in your document; you can override that suggestion by typing your own
ScreenTip ScreenTip text appears when you hover the mouse pointer over the
hyperlink in the document; you can use the ScreenTip to provide a description of the
link destination or other assistive text.
Bookmark To specify a location within the targeted web page or document, click
Bookmark and choose a heading, bookmark, cell, or slide.
Target Frame In Word, you can specify what kind of window the linked page or
document will appear in.
To edit a hyperlink in a document, right-click it. The shortcut menu includes options to
open, edit, or remove the hyperlink.
In place of the Hyperlink command, OneNote has a Link command, which provides
comparable capabilities. The dialog box is not at all like the Insert Hyperlink dialog box
in other Office programs, however. For details about links in OneNote, see “Using Links
for Quick Connections” on page 530.
Entering Mathematical Equations
Although Office cannot solve the world’s complex mathematical problems, it can present
them in an eye-pleasing fashion. Office includes a powerful equation editor that supports
the use of symbols and layouts that’ll make you look like a genius.
To insert an equation in your document, click the Insert tab. If you then click the arrow next
to Equation, you’ll see a gallery of common equations that you can use as is, or you can
use them as a starting point for building an equation of your own. Click an equation from
the gallery, or (in Word only) click More Equations From to see additional
predeined options.
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