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Applying Character Formatting
As an alternative to applying formatting directly to selected text, styles provide a way
to apply multiple attributes simultaneously. (They also make it easier to maintain a
consistent look throughout your documents.) The style galleries appear in the Styles group
on the Home tab in Word and Excel. For details about styles in Word, see “Giving Your
Documents a Consistent Appearance” on page 224. For Excel, see “Formatting Cells and
Ranges” on page 376.
Applying Character Formatting
After you select text (for details, see “Entering and Selecting Text” on page 107), you can apply
formatting such as font (typeface), size, bold, italic, underline, highlighting, and text color
by clicking options on the Mini toolbar that appears or in the Font group on the Home tab.
(In OneNote, which has fewer text-formatting capabilities, look in the Basic Text group on
the Home tab.) If you prefer to use the keyboard, Table 5-5 shows shortcuts for common
formatting tasks.
Table 5-5 Keyboard Shortcuts for Formatting
Keyboard Shortcut
Make text bold
Make text italic
Make text underlined
Decrease text size
Increase text size
Decrease text size by 1 point
Increase text size by 1 point
Remove character formatting
INSIDE OUT Apply formatting to part of an Excel cell
In Excel, formats normally apply to all content in the selected cell. You can selectively
format text within a cell by selecting the part you want to format in the formula bar.
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