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Using and Managing Fonts
Using and Managing Fonts
Office shows a sample of each font when you open the Font list on the Home tab or the
Mini toolbar, as shown in Figure 5-5.
Figure 5-5 Fonts in the current theme are grouped at the top of the fonts list.
Modern computers are likely to have scores of fonts installed, which makes for a long list to
choose from when you want to specify a font. You can ease the selection process by
focusing on the fonts at the top of the list, under the Theme Fonts heading. Among other
elements, a theme incorporates a pair of fonts (one for headings and one for body text) that
work well together.
To select theme fonts, open the Page Layout tab (in Word or Excel), Design tab (Power-
Point), or Options tab (Outlook). Then, in the Themes group, click Fonts. Select one of the
existing themes or create your own.
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