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Copying Formatting
The new theme fonts you select immediately apply to all text in your document except
that which has had explicit nontheme formatting applied. For more information, see “Using
Office Themes” on page 185.
In Windows 7, Fonts in Control Panel has an option to hide a font. A font that’s hidden
does not appear in your programs’ fonts list—except in Office programs. Office uses its
own control for listing fonts. Whenever an Office program lists fonts, whether in the
ribbon, the Mini toolbar, or the Font dialog box, the list includes all fonts installed on
your system. If the long list of fonts annoys you, the only way to shorten the list is to
delete from your system the fonts you don’t use; to delete fonts, visit Fonts in Control
Copying Formatting
After you get one part of your document looking just the way you want it to, you’ll often
find it easy to copy its formatting to another place in your document (or in another Office
document) instead of going through the formatting steps again. In Office programs, you
can copy and paste formats with the Format Painter in much the same way that you copy
and paste content with the Clipboard.
To copy text formatting, begin by placing the insertion point within the text that has
the format you want to reuse. Then click Format Painter (in the Clipboard group on the
Home tab).
To apply the formatting, click the text that you want to “paint.” (If you want to apply the
formatting to more than one word, drag across the text you want to reformat.)
The Format Painter ordinarily works only for the first click or drag after you click Format
Painter. The mouse then returns to its normal function. If you want to copy formatting from
one bit of text to several places, double-click the Format Painter button. The Format Painter
then applies the format to each place you subsequently click, until you click Format Painter
again or press Esc.
You can also copy formatting by using the keyboard. Position the insertion point or
selection in the text with the format you want to copy, and then press Ctrl+Shift+C, the
keyboard shortcut for copying formatting. To apply the copied formatting, position the
insertion point or selection in the text you want to change, and then press Ctrl+Shift+V.
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