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Using the Clipboard with Office Programs
The formatting copied with Ctrl+Shift+C remains available for pasting until you copy a
different format. It’s not a one-shot deal (like the Format Painter), and although this feature
works much like the Clipboard, the copied formatting is not displaced when you copy
something to the Clipboard.
Using the Clipboard with Office Programs
The Clipboard—an intermediate storage location that facilitates copying and moving text
and other objects—has been a part of Windows since the earliest days. It continues to work
in Office programs the same way it works throughout Windows:
To copy, you select the item to copy, use the Copy command (or its keyboard
shortcut, Ctrl+C) to copy to the Clipboard, and then use the Paste command (or press
Ctrl+V) to insert the item in a new location. (Table 5-7 shows Clipboard-related
keyboard shortcuts.)
To move, use the Cut command (or press Ctrl+X) to remove the item from your
document and place it on the Clipboard, and then use the Paste command to insert
the item elsewhere.
Format Painter
Table 5-7 Keyboard Shortcuts for Copying and Moving Text and Formatting
Keyboard Shortcut
Copy the selection
Cut the selection
Paste the Clipboard contents
Display Paste Special dialog box to select format for pasted item
Copy formatting only
Paste formatting only
The Clipboard in Windows holds only a single item. When you copy or cut something to
the Clipboard, it remains there until you copy or cut something else; the original content
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