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Using Paste Options
is then lost. By default, Office programs rely on the Windows Clipboard, but Office also
includes the more capacious Office Clipboard. For details, see “Managing Multiple
Clippings with the Office Clipboard” on page 133.
INSIDE OUT Move and copy without using the Clipboard
Word (and Outlook, which uses Word as its message editor) has some additional tricks
that make it easy to copy or move selected text and graphics. These are one-time
actions that do not affect the Clipboard, unlike normal copy, cut, and paste operations.
To move the selected item, press F2, place the insertion point at the target
location, and press Enter. This is comparable to the standard mouse technique of
dragging the selection to a new place.
To copy the selected item, press Shift+F2, place the insertion point at the target
location, and press Enter. You can do the same thing with the mouse by holding
the Shift key as you drag the selection to the new location.
You might find these shortcut keys easier to manage than the standard Ctrl key
shortcuts. And because these methods don’t use the Clipboard, the previous Clipboard
contents remain in place, ready to be pasted again. Remember, however, that these
techniques work only in Word and in Outlook messages.
For information about copying formats (rather than text or other content) from one part of
a document to another, see the previous section, “Copying Formatting.”
Using Paste Options
The designers of Office 2010 gathered data from countless people to see how they use
Office, as a means of identifying areas for improvement. A surprising finding was that the
most common action that users perform after pasting something from the Clipboard is to
immediately choose Undo. For a variety of reasons, more often than not the paste
operation produced results other than what the user wanted or expected. Office 2010 addresses
this problem through the use of Paste Options, which uses Live Preview to show the paste
results and lets you select other paste options without first using Undo.
To use Paste Options, select the document matter you want to replace with the Clipboard
content or place the insertion point where you want the content to be inserted. Then do
any of the following:
On the Home tab, click the arrow below the Paste button (in the Clipboard group) to
display Paste Options, as shown in Figure 5-6.
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