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Finding and Replacing Text and Formatting
To find text and replace it with different text, the process is similar: Press Ctrl+H or, in the
Editing group (on the Home tab in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; on the Format Text tab
in Outlook), click Replace. (In Excel, you click Find & Select, Replace.) The dialog box that
appears is similar to the one shown in Figure 5-8, with a few additions, as shown in the
following example from Word.
Click Find Next to locate the next occurrence of your search text. Then click Replace
to replace that occurrence, or click Find Next to skip to the next one without making a
change. If you’re certain that you want to change all occurrences, click Replace All, which
quickly does the deed with no further review. (Remember that, as with all edits, you can use
Undo if you take this action in error.)
Table 5-8 shows the keyboard shortcuts for finding and replacing text.
Table 5-8 Keyboard Shortcuts for Finding and Replacing Text
Keyboard Shortcut
Open the Find tool
Repeat find
Find and replace text and formatting
Word (Figure 5-9) and Excel (Figure 5-10) also have the ability to search for text that’s
formatted a certain way and to (optionally) replace that formatting with new formatting.
For details about the additional find and replace features in Word, see “Searching Within a
Document” on page 210. For more information about similar capabilities in Excel, see “Finding,
Editing, Moving, and Copying Data” on page 465.
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