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Checking Spelling
Checking Spelling
While the appearance of your document is important, spelling errors can make your
document (and you) look bad no matter how attractive it is in other ways. To avoid such errors,
each Office program includes a feature to check the spelling of each word in a document.
You can use this feature to check the spelling of individual words, or you can check the
entire document, perhaps as part of your final review.
Correcting a Single Word
By default, in Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Outlook (but not Excel), the spelling
checker works as you type to identify words that might be misspelled. Office programs
indicate potential spelling errors with a squiggly red underline. You don’t need to act on it
right away; the underline remains in place until you ix the error or tell Office to ignore it.
(Don’t worry; the red underlines don’t appear when you print your documents.)
To review a word that has a squiggly red underline, right-click the word. At the top of
the shortcut menu, Office offers its best guesses at what you meant to type, as shown in
Fig ure 5-11.
Figure 5-11 Spelling suggestions and options appear at the top of the shortcut menu when you
right-click a word that has a squiggly red underline.
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