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Checking Spelling
To replace the misspelled word, simply click the correct word from the choices presented.
If the correct choice doesn’t appear, you have several other options. Although the options
vary a bit from one Office program to another, they include the following:
Ignore If the word is correct as typed, click Ignore. Office removes the underline
and won’t mark this word again, although it will mark other instances of the word.
Ignore All Choose this option, and Office deems correct all occurrences of the
word in this document. In this situation, however, you might prefer to choose the
next option.
Add To Dictionary Office adds the word you typed to its spelling dictionary, which
means it won’t be marked as wrong in this document or any other. Be sure you’re
right before you choose this option. (You can edit the dictionary if necessary. For
details, see “Using Custom Dictionaries” on page 142.)
AutoCorrect Choose this option when you’ve made a typographical error (such as
transposing two letters) that you’re likely to make again. The submenu that appears
repeats the list at the top of the menu; select one of those words, and thereafter any
time you make the same typographical error, Office immediately corrects it. If the
correct word is not in the list, choose AutoCorrect Options from the submenu. This
opens the AutoCorrect Options dialog box (shown earlier in Figure 5-2), in which you
can type the word you want to appear each time you type the word you mistakenly
Language In Office programs other than Excel, you can specify the language used
in your document. And in Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook, you can specify the
language for specific parts of a document. (You might use a foreign word or phrase in
your text, for example, or you might include an entire section of text that is translated
into another language.) Choose this option to specify the language of the lagged
word if it’s not the same as the default language for the document. Office then uses
the spelling dictionary for that language to check this word. (For more information,
see “Setting Language and Regional Options” on page 145.)
Spelling Choose this option to open the interactive Spelling dialog box, which we
describe later in this chapter.
Look Up This Word-only option provides a link to an online dictionary as well as
other references.
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