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Using Custom Dictionaries
Figure 5-13 Options in the center of this dialog box affect all Office programs. Options near the
bottom affect only the program in which you open this dialog box.
Using Custom Dictionaries
The standard dictionary included with Office includes hundreds of thousands of standard
words, plus proper names for many common companies, products, and people. But your
documents undoubtedly include words that are correctly spelled but not included in the
standard dictionary. These words might include specialized terms used in your business
(medical terms, for example) or uncommon proper names (Bott and Siechert come to
For these terms, Office uses custom dictionaries. Some custom dictionaries, such as for
industry-specific terms, are available from third-party suppliers. But you can also build your
own. In fact, when you choose Add To Dictionary during a spelling review, you’re adding
the word to a custom dictionary, not to the standard dictionary for your language.
To work with custom dictionaries, open the Options dialog box and click Proofing, as shown
in Figure 5-13. Then click Custom Dictionaries to open the dialog box shown next.
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