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Using the Thesaurus and Other References
Using the Thesaurus and Other References
If you’re unable to come up with the perfect word, the thesaurus might help. To use the
thesaurus in an Office program, select the word you want to look up, and then press
Shift+F7. Alternatively, in the Proofing group on the Review tab, click Thesaurus. (Although
this option doesn’t appear on the ribbon in OneNote, the Shift+F7 keyboard shortcut
works.) Office then opens the Research task pane, shown in Figure 5-14.
Start Searching
Figure 5-14 To look up a different word, type it in the Search For box, and then press Enter or
click the green Start Searching button.
If the thesaurus offers a word that’s better than your original, point to it, click the arrow
next to it, and choose Insert. The word replaces your original typing. If the suggested word
is close but not quite what you’re looking for, click it; Office then looks up that word in the
thesaurus. Perhaps the first suggestions were better; the Back and Forward buttons let you
step through your lookup history, much like the comparable buttons in a web browser.
Click the arrow next to the name of the current reference book (Thesaurus: English (U.S.) in
Figure 5-14) to see the names of other available references. These can include dictionaries,
thesauruses for other languages, sites with financial and company data, and general
reference sites. To add or remove items from this list and to search for additional services, at the
bottom of the Research task pane, click Research Options.
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