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Selecting Graphics and Pictures
Figure 6-3 To select a text object with a dashed frame, point to the frame and click.
Table 6-1 Keyboard Shortcuts for Selecting Graphics and Pictures
Keyboard Shortcut
Select an object when another object is selected
Tab or Shift+Tab
Select all objects
Open the Selection And Visibility pane
Selecting Text in WordArt and Text Boxes
Select an object when text in the object is selected
Select text when the object is selected
Working with Multiple Graphics and Pictures
Selecting objects becomes more complicated when your document contains several
objects, especially if they are stacked one in front of another. When objects are stacked,
clicking selects only the front-most one. If objects further back are not completely
covered, you can click an uncovered part to select that object. Alternatively, after you select
an object, you can press Tab to cycle the selection through the objects back to front (or
Shift+Tab to cycle from front to back).
A complex document with many graphics and pictures becomes much easier to manage
when you use the Selection And Visibility pane (see Figure 6-4), which you can display in
any of the following ways:
On the Home tab, in the Editing group, click Select, Selection Pane.
If an object is already selected, under Picture Tools or Drawing Tools, click the Format
tab. Then, in the Arrange group, click Selection Pane.
Press Alt+F10.
The Selection And Visibility pane lists all objects on the current page, worksheet, or slide. To
select an object, simply click its name.
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