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Selecting Graphics and Pictures
Figure 6-4 The Selection And Visibility pane, shown on the right side of this cluttered screen, lets
you select individual objects—no matter how deeply they’re buried.
The default object names aren’t particularly helpful in determining which object is which,
so in a document with many objects that you manipulate often, you might want to take the
time to give each object a more meaningful name. To do so, click the object name, click it a
second time to enter edit mode, and then type the new name.
The Selection And Visibility pane has another handy trick: the ability to hide objects. Click
the icon to the right of an object’s name to hide it or to make it visible again. (Note that
objects in Word with Wrap Text set to In Line With Text can’t be hidden.)
To select multiple objects, hold Ctrl as you click each one. This works whether you click the
objects directly or click their names in the Selection And Visibility pane.
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