Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Positioning Objects
In Excel, the Format Shape dialog box appears. In the left pane, click Properties.
Although you can’t enter dimensions to identify a precise location, options here
allow you to specify whether and how an object’s position and size change when you
change the width and height of underlying cells.
Aligning and Evenly Distributing Objects
In many cases, you won’t want to fiddle with precise positioning of individual elements.
Instead, you want to quickly align one or more objects, or you want to evenly space several
objects on a page or slide. Office offers a quick path to each goal. To find that path, select
the object (or objects); then, under Picture Tools, Drawing Tools, Chart Tools, or SmartArt
Tools, click the Format tab. In the Arrange group, click Align to display an array of options,
as shown in Figure 6-5.
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