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Positioning Objects
Figure 6-5 Regardless of how carelessly you place objects, you can whip them back into this
arrangement with just two steps: click Align Center (to center each object horizontally) and click
Distribute Vertically (to evenly space each object vertically).
Changing the Z-Order of Stacked Objects
As we explained earlier in this chapter, graphics and pictures are layered one in front of
another in a virtual stack. You’ll sometimes need to change the order so that one object
doesn’t improperly obscure another. For example, if you place a caption for a picture in a
text box, you’ll want the text box to be in front of the picture.
To move an object forward or back in the stack, select the object and, under Picture Tools,
Drawing Tools, Chart Tools, or SmartArt Tools, click the Format tab. In the Arrange group,
click either Bring Forward or Send Backward, which moves the object forward or backward
one position in the stack. (Clicking the arrow next to these buttons exposes an additional
command that moves the object all the way to the front or back of the stack.)
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