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Resizing and Rotating Graphics and Pictures
the Rotate tool, which is in the Arrange group on the Format tab (under Picture Tools or
Drawing Tools).
Rotate the selected object with the keyboard by holding the Alt key as you press the Left
Arrow (for counterclockwise rotation) or Right Arrow key. Each keypress rotates the object
15 degrees. Press Ctrl+Alt with an arrow key to rotate 1 degree at a time.
The last command on the Rotate menu, More Rotation Options, opens the Layout dialog
box (Word) or Format Shape dialog box (shown earlier in Figure 6-6), where you can specify
a rotation angle with one-degree precision.
INSIDE OUT Use the Mini toolbar
When you right-click an object, a Mini toolbar that includes the most commonly used
tools on the Format tab appears.
Height Bring Forward
Send Back
Rotate And Flip
Width Crop
Office also supports three-dimensional rotation of graphics and pictures. For more
information, see “Adding Shapes and Text Boxes” on page 175 and “Applying Picture Styles” on page 167.
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