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Removing the Picture Background
Figure 6-12 The Quick Styles gallery makes it easy to try different effects.
To make your own settings—or to adjust the ones made by a Quick Styles preset—click
Picture Border (where you can select a color, line width, and line style) or Picture Effects (where
you can choose shadows, reflections, glows, softened edges, bevels, and three-dimensional
rotation from galleries). Each of these options can be viewed and fine-tuned in the
Format Picture dialog box. Click the dialog box launcher in the Picture Styles group, and then
click Line Color or Line Style to set up a border, or click Shadow, Reflection, Glow And Soft
Edges, 3-D Format, or 3-D Rotation to make settings that correlate to the Picture Effects
Another option in the Picture Styles group, the Picture Layout gallery, embeds your
selected pictures into SmartArt objects. With this feature, you can make some
professionallooking presentation materials with just a few clicks. For more information, see “Adding
SmartArt to Documents” on page 180.
Removing the Picture Background
Another feature new to Office 2010 is one that automatically removes the background
from a picture, leaving only the picture subject visible. To use this feature, it helps to have a
picture with the subject in sharp focus, and with good contrast. Yet you can sometimes get
surprisingly good results even with less-than-perfect pictures.
To remove the background from a picture, select the picture, click the Format tab, and in
the Adjust group, click Remove Background. Office quickly makes its best guess at
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