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Removing the Picture Background
cropping and masking the background, which it identifies with a magenta overlay. As shown in
Figure 6-13, this initial attempt isn’t always perfect.
Figure 6-13 Initially, Office didn’t include this penguin’s wings, which are closer in color to the
background than to the rest of the penguin.
If the initial results aren’t quite right, click Mark Areas To Keep, and then click the additional
areas to include (such as the penguin’s wings in Figure 6-13). Click Mark Areas To Remove
and then click any unwanted areas that Office left in. If a single click merely deposits a
mark but doesn’t include or exclude the area of interest (as indicated by the colored mask),
try dragging through the area. When you’re done, click Keep Changes. In our example,
we zoomed in, and then it took just a drag along the length of each wing to produce this
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