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Undoing Picture Edits
INSIDE OUT Adjust the cropping area
You’ll find that with some photos, automatic background removal doesn’t work well,
and the initial results mistakenly include or exclude several areas. Before you start
making manual corrections, the first thing you should do is adjust the cropping indicators
to more closely match the final outline you want. When you change the cropping,
Office modifies the background selection and, in our experience, often does a much
better job with your assistance here.
Undoing Picture Edits
As you experiment with the picture formatting features in Office, not every shot is going
to be a keeper. Mistakes that you recognize right away, of course, can always be undone in
the usual manner: click Undo on the Quick Access Toolbar, or press Ctrl+Z. But you might
decide much later to revert to the original photo settings.
Doing so is quite simple: Select the picture, click the Format tab, and in the Adjust group,
click Reset Picture (to restore the background, remove borders and other picture styles, and
restore the original colors) or Reset Picture & Size (to do all of the foregoing, plus remove
any cropping and restore the picture’s original size).
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