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Finding and Using Clip Art
Finding and Using Clip Art
The term “clip art” comes from the days when graphic artists would purchase printed
catalogs of stock art, from which they would “clip” (literally cut out) an item to be pasted into
camera-ready artwork. Although the methods have changed radically, clip art lives on—
now in the form of an online catalog of line art, illustrations, photographs, audio clips, and
video clips.
For more information about working with video, see “Adding Graphics and Video Clips” on
page 601.
To find and insert clip art, follow these steps:
1. Click the Insert tab, and click Clip Art. The Clip Art task pane appears.
2. Under Search For, type a word or two that describes what you’re looking for.
3. Click the arrow by Results Should Be, and select the types of media you want to
include in your search.
4. To include Microsoft’s online catalog in the search, select Include Content.
If you don’t select this box, Office looks only at your local collection, which includes
a handful of clip art included with Office 2010, plus any items you’ve added to your
5. Click Go. To learn more about a displayed result, hover the mouse pointer over it.
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