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Finding and Using Clip Art
6. To insert an item in your document, click it. For other options, click the arrow along
its right side.
Choose Make Available Ofline if you want to reuse the clip in the future. Office stores the
clip in a collection, which is a database file stored on your computer. You can organize your
clip collection into folders (you’re asked to select a folder or create a new one when you
choose Make Available Ofline), which can be useful for managing large collections.
Although the search capabilities of the Clip Art task pane don’t rely on the organizational
structure of your collections, if you feel compelled to tidy them up, Office 2010 includes for
that purpose a program called Microsoft Clip Organizer. You can find it on the Start menu
by clicking All Programs, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office 2010 Tools. Clip Organizer is also
useful if you want to add items to your collections from files on your computer, a scanner,
or a camera. Other than that, there’s seldom reason to venture into Clip Organizer.
INSIDE OUT Edit clip art
A limitation of stock art is that it might not precisely it your artistic concept. Many clip
art images can be modified, however. For example, you can right-click an illustration
and choose Edit Picture. Office warns that the picture is not editable, but then offers
to convert it to an editable format. Click Yes, and get creative. Similarly, imported
photographs can be modified with any of the techniques and effects described earlier in
“Making Your Pictures Look Great” on page 163.
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