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Adding Shapes and Text Boxes
Click a shape, and then drag in the document to create a container for the shape. Don’t
worry if the size or position isn’t quite right; you can easily change move, resize, or rotate
the shape by selecting it and dragging its handles. (For details, see “Positioning Objects”
and “Resizing and Rotating Graphics and Pictures” earlier in this chapter.) To modify a
shape, select the shape and look for shape handles, which appear as yellow diamonds.
Drag this shape handle to adjust the size of the arrow’s head
Drag this shape handle to adjust
the width of the arrow shaft
For more fine-grained control, on the Format tab, in the Insert Shapes group, click Edit
Shape, Edit Points (or right-click the shape and click Edit Points). Each point that defines
the shape appears as a black square, which you can drag in any direction. To add a new
point, hold down Ctrl and click anywhere on the shape’s outline; Ctrl+click an existing point
to remove it. When you click a point to select it, two additional handles appear; together,
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