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Adding Shapes and Text Boxes
these three points define the point and the line segment on either side of it. You can drag
the point or one of its handles to get different effects. To change the type of point, hold
Shift (for a smooth point), Ctrl (straight point), or Alt (corner point) as you drag a handle.
The real fun begins when you apply shape styles. Select a shape, click the Format tab
(under Drawing Tools), and click the More button in the Shape Styles group to see a gallery
of predeined styles, as shown in Figure 6-15. Like the Picture Styles gallery, this one uses
Live Preview; as you point to a thumbnail, its formatting appears in your document as well.
Click a gallery item to apply the formatting.
Figure 6-15 The Shape Styles gallery can apply pleasing combinations of colors and effects with
a single click.
The Shape Styles gallery displays colors and styles that conform to the currently selected
theme; changing the theme also changes the gallery contents. (For more information, see
“Using Office Themes” on page 185.) If none of the options in the Shape Styles gallery tickles
you, use the tools on the right side of the Shape Styles group on the Format tab:
Shape Fill Options here let you ill the shape with a color (either solid or as a
gradient), a picture from a file on your computer, or a texture (from a gallery that includes
various fabrics, stones, wood grains, and other materials).
Shape Outline Select a color, line weight, and line style for the shape’s outline.
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