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Adding SmartArt to Documents
On the Layout tab, you can modify specific chart elements, such as titles, axes, and
The Format tab is the place to manage shape styles, position, and size—settings we
cover elsewhere in this chapter. (See “Adding Shapes and Text Boxes” on page 175; “Posi-
tioning Objects” on page 154; and “Resizing and Rotating Graphics and Pictures” on
page 157.)
For details about displaying data with charts, including descriptions of features on the Design
and Layout tabs, see Chapter 13, “Charts and Data Analysis.”
Adding SmartArt to Documents
SmartArt graphics provide an easy way to create graphical lists, process diagrams,
organizational charts, and similar diagrams that meld shapes, text, and pictures into compelling
To insert SmartArt, click the Insert tab, and click SmartArt. A dialog box appears, in which
you can select from an array of layouts, as shown in Figure 6-16. Select one and click OK.
The next step is to enter text into the SmartArt graphic. If the Text pane isn’t displayed,
select the graphic and click the arrow at the center of the left side of the frame. Within the
Text pane, shown in Figure 6-17, use the keyboard shortcuts shown in Table 6-2.
Alternatively, right-click an item in the Text pane, and choose from the menu. Tools in the Create
Graphic group on the Design tab under SmartArt Tools provide a third (and sometimes
best) method for organizing the text in a SmartArt graphic.
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