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Drawing with Ink
Click Text Outline to specify the color, line weight, and style of the letter outlines.
Click Text Effects (see Figure 6-18) to add shadows, reflections, and other effects. Each
item on the Text Effects menu leads to a gallery submenu with Live Preview.
Figure 6-18 You’ll find the funhouse-mirror effects in the Transform gallery.
All the settings and effects available on the Format tab, along with additional options, can
be viewed and configured in the Format Text Effects dialog box. To open it, click the
WordArt Styles dialog box launcher.
Drawing with Ink
On tablet PCs and other computers equipped with pen input, you can use your stylus to
add “ink” to a document. You might find this convenient for taking notes, marking up
corrections, or inserting free-hand drawings.
When the stylus gets close to the display, Ink Tools appears on the ribbon and below it, the
Pens tab, which is shown in Figure 6-19. In the Write group, you select a tool—pen,
highlighter, or eraser—and your stylus acts as that tool. To use your stylus in its other role—as a
mouse replacement that you can use to select text and objects, position the insertion point,
and so on—click (or, more accurately, tap) Select Objects.
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