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Using Office Themes
Using Office Themes
The final section of this chapter deals not with individual graphic objects but with a feature
that can change the overall appearance of your document with just a few clicks. That
feature is document themes. A theme is a collection of formatting options that include a set of
colors, a set of fonts (one for headings and one for body text), and a set of effects (such as
line styles and ill effects).
A theme in PowerPoint also includes backgrounds. For more information about themes in
PowerPoint, see “Applying Themes” on page 611.
Selecting a theme causes all these theme elements to be applied to a document. (You can
override theme settings for any part of a document, and those parts won’t be affected by
theme changes.) Themes are consistent across all Office programs. You can, for example,
apply a theme to a Word document and apply the same theme to an Excel worksheet and a
PowerPoint presentation, giving them a consistent look and feel.
To apply a theme to the current document, click the Page Layout tab (in Word and Excel)
or the Design tab (PowerPoint) and then click Themes, as shown in Figure 6-20. Point to a
theme to see a live preview of your document, and click a theme to apply its settings.
Figure 6-20 The Custom section appears only if you have saved one or more themes.
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