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Chapter 7: Inside Word 2010
The Word window shown in Figure 7-1 shows a couple of optional (but very useful)
components. The Navigation pane is handy not only for navigating within a document (for more
information, see “Navigating Within a Document” on page 203), but also for organizing
documents (see “Using Outlines to Plan, Organize, and Edit Documents” on page 245). The
Navigation pane is also the primary search interface in Word (see “Searching Within a Document”
on page 210). The other nonstandard element shown in the figure is the ruler along the top
and left edges of the document workspace. The ruler allows you to see and adjust margin,
indent, and tab settings (see “Setting Page Layout Options” on page 221; “Formatting
Paragraphs” on page 219; and “Using Tabs” on page 198).
To display or hide these items, visit the View tab, shown in Figure 7-2.
You can also display or hide the ruler by clicking
View Ruler, the button at the top of the scroll bar
Figure 7-2 Options for displaying rulers and the Navigation pane are in the Show group on the
View tab.
INSIDE OUT Work with documents in Compatibility Mode
To maintain compatibility with earlier versions of Word, Word uses Compatibility Mode.
If you and the people with whom you exchange documents work exclusively in Office
2010 (and you use default settings for saving documents), your documents are stored
in Office Open XML format, which has a .docx file name extension. Compatibility Mode
never enters the picture.
If you exchange documents with users of earlier Word versions (or you open
documents that you created in an earlier version), you might see “[Compatibility Mode]”
in the title bar of the Word window. This indicator appears in documents saved in the
older binary format (.doc extension) used by Word 2003 and earlier versions. Similarly,
it occurs with .docx files saved in Word 2007, which doesn’t support all the features
of Word 2010 (particularly text effects and OpenType typographic features). For more
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