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Working in an Appropriate Document View
new one you create), when you save the document, do this: Click File, Save As, and then
select Word 97-2003 Document in the Save As Type box.
A number of advanced settings can be made to ensure compatibility with particular
Word versions. To work with these settings, click File, Options. In the Options dialog
box, click Advanced, and then scroll all the way to the bottom. In the drop-down lists,
select which documents you want to affect and which version of Word you want to
ensure compatibility with. Each version has its own collection of predeined
compatibility settings; you can review or modify the individual settings by clicking Layout
Working in an Appropriate Document View
By default, documents in Word are displayed in Print Layout view, which closely
approximates the appearance of ink on paper. Within the document area of the Word window, you
see a white background (or other color if you change the page color) scaled to represent
a single sheet of paper. In Print Layout view, document content is laid out just the way the
document will print, faithfully rendering margins, line breaks, page breaks, and graphics
positioning. For most purposes, Print Layout view is best, and it’s therefore a good default.
INSIDE OUT Set the page color
You can set the background color for your pages by clicking the Page Layout tab
and then, in the Page Background group, clicking Page Color and selecting a color.
The color you select doesn’t print, but choosing a color in this way is useful in two
You’re going to print on colored paper. (Your on-screen document looks more
like the finished product.)
You’re creating a document for on-screen use, whether as a Word document or
another file format, such as PDF, XPS, or HTML. When you save in any of these
formats, the background color is preserved as part of the document.
Print Layout view is one of five available document views. The others are covered in the
following sections.
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