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Using Tabs
To see the Alignment and Leader
settings for an existing tab stop,
select it here
2. In the Tab Stop Position box, enter the position, as measured from the left margin.
3. Under Alignment, select one of the five alignment types.
4. Under Leader, select periods, hyphens, underlines, or no leader character. The leader
character ills the gap between the tab stop and any text to its left.
5. Click Set.
6. To set additional tab stops, repeat steps 2 through 5. Click OK when you’re done.
By default, left-aligned tabs are set every one-half inch. However, if you set any tab stops
yourself, all default stops to the left of your tabs are ignored.
Tab stops are included in a paragraph style. This means that each time you press Enter (to
start a new paragraph) at the end of a paragraph with tab stops set, the following
paragraph will have the same tab-stop settings. More importantly, it means you can store tab
stops as part of a paragraph style in a template.
To remove a tab stop using the ruler, simply drag the marker off the ruler. Using the Tabs
dialog box, you can remove a tab stop by selecting it and clicking Clear.
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