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Navigating in Word Documents
If you want additional formatting options, or if you want to enter the date in a way that can
be updated to the current date when you use the document at another time, click Insert,
Date & Time (in the Text group). Doing so displays a dialog box showing the current date
and time formatted in various ways.
If you’ve been diligent about maintaining document properties (details such as the
document title and author), you might find it useful to include some of these properties in your
document text. To do so, on the Insert tab click Quick Parts, Document Property, and then
click the name of the property to include. If you select a property that hasn’t yet been
defined in this document, Word enters a placeholder where you can type the property
value. There’s a real advantage to entering properties using the Quick Parts feature instead
of typing the property value as ordinary text in your document: If you later change the
property value, all occurrences of it in your document update automatically.
For more information about document properties, see “Organizing Office Documents Using
File Properties and Details” on page 99.
Navigating in Word Documents
Naturally, the same techniques for browsing through a document in virtually any
Windowsbased program—scroll bars, Page Up and Page Down keys, and so on—work in Word 2010.
But finding your way around a long document in these ways can be tedious, to say the
least. Fortunately, Word includes a host of its own navigation features that make it easier to
go directly to a particular location in a document.
Navigating Within a Document
A welcome addition to the navigation toolkit in Word 2010 is the Navigation pane, shown
earlier in Figure 7-1. To display the Navigation pane, select its check box on the View tab, or
press Ctrl+F.
The Navigation pane has three tabs near its top:
The left tab shows each of the headings in your document, and you can jump directly
to any heading by clicking it in the Navigation pane. (For information about what
defines a heading, see “Formatting Paragraphs” on page 219.)
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