Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Navigating in Word Documents
Click a heading to jump directly
to the corresponding heading
in the document
Click to display or hide subheadings
You can expand or contract this outline view so that it shows the headings you want
without you having to scroll a long way to find a particular heading: Click the triangle
at the left edge of a parent heading to expand or contract its subheadings. To expand
or contract the entire outline to a particular heading level, right-click any heading
and choose Show Heading Levels.
The headings tab is not just for navigation, however. With it, you can add, remove,
promote, and demote headings, and you can reorganize your document by dragging
headings in the Navigation pane. For details, see “Using Outlines to Plan, Organize,
and Edit Documents” on page 245.
The middle tab shows a thumbnail image of each page in your document. You can
skip immediately to a document page by clicking its thumbnail.
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