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Navigating in Word Documents
The right tab shows search results. For details about using the Navigation pane for
searching, see “Searching Within a Document” on page 210.
As an infomercial huckster might say, “But wait. There’s more!” In addition to browsing by
heading and by page, a less apparent feature of the Navigation pane lets you browse by
other elements in a document, including graphics, tables, and reviewer comments. Click the
magnifier icon next to Search Document to display a list of browse targets.
Choose Tables, for example, and on the left tab each heading under which a table resides
is highlighted. On the center tab, only pages that contain a table appear as thumbnails.
And in the document itself, every table is highlighted. You can move to the next or previous
table by clicking the arrow buttons to the right of the tabs. To return to the normal
Navigation pane views, click the X that replaced the magnifier you clicked earlier.
Similar functionality is available without using the Navigation pane. Click Select Browse
Object (the round button near the bottom of the vertical scroll bar) to display a list of
object types by which you can browse, as shown in Figure 7-5. Use the arrow keys or mouse
to highlight an option, and then press Enter or click to select it. Thereafter, clicking Next or
Previous (the double arrows above and below Select Browse Object) or pressing Ctrl+Page
Down or Ctrl+Page Up jumps to the next or previous occurrence of the selected object
type. (The default is to browse by page.)
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