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Working with Multiple Document Windows
Working with Multiple Document Windows
It’s not just hard-driving multitaskers who sometimes need to have several document
windows open simultaneously. For example, while you’re working on a new document, you
might want to have one or more reference documents open, or you might want to have an
earlier, similar document open so that you can copy text and pictures from it.
Each document you open—whether you open it from Windows Explorer, a desktop
shortcut, or the File menu in Word—appears in its own window. The standard Windows tools
for arranging windows (easiest: right-click the taskbar and choose an arrangement) and
for switching between windows (press Alt+Tab or click the taskbar button) apply to Word
windows, of course. However, when you use these tools, you typically end up resizing or
switching among all your open windows, including those for your web browser, e-mail
program, games, and so on. Word has a few tricks for working exclusively with open Word
windows without disturbing any of your other windows.
You’ll find the window-management commands in the Window group on the View tab,
shown earlier in Figure 7-2. These commands act as follows:
New Window Opens a new window that also contains the current document. To
differentiate the windows, the caption (title bar) for each window shows a colon and
a number after the file name.
Arrange All Places all open Word windows on the primary monitor, splitting the
space equally among them so all are visible.
Split Splits the current window into two panes; see the following tip for details.
View Side By Side If two Word windows are open, this displays them side by side,
each filling half the screen, so that you can easily compare the documents. (If more
than two Word windows are open, Word asks which one you want to display next to
the current window.) The feature is intended for comparing different versions of a
document, but it also provides a quick and easy way to arrange windows containing
different documents.
Synchronous Scrolling When this option is selected, scrolling in either side-by-side
window scrolls both windows together. (Again, this feature is most useful for
comparing versions of a document.) This option is available only when View Side By Side is
Reset Window Position Restores the position of side-by-side windows so each
occupies half the screen. This option is available only when View Side By Side is
selected, and it has an effect only if one or both windows have been resized.
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