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Working with Multiple Document Windows
Switch Windows Displays a menu of all open Word windows, allowing you to
quickly switch to another.
INSIDE OUT Use a split-screen view of a document
When you’re editing a document, it’s often useful to look at two different parts of a
document simultaneously. You might want to refer to a picture or table in one part of
your document while you enter a textual description in another part, for example. You
can click New Window (in the Window group on the View tab) to open the same
document in a second window, but sometimes it’s more convenient to split a single
document window into two panes. You can split a window horizontally by using whichever
method is easiest for you:
On the View tab, click Split, and then click where you want the split to be.
Drag the Split tool, the horizontal line at the top of the vertical scroll bar (just
above View Ruler), down to the desired location.
Press Ctrl+Alt+S, use the Up Arrow or Down Arrow key to move the split where
you want it, and then press Enter.
You can then work in either part of the window. The panes scroll independently, and
you can set each one to a different zoom level or document view. To switch to the
other pane, click in it or press F6. (You might need to press F6 several times. Once you
figure out the sequence, you can alternate between F6 and Shift+F6 to switch directly
between the two panes.)
To remove the split, click Remove Split (in the Window group on the View tab), drag
the pane divider to the top or bottom of the pane, or press Ctrl+Alt+S.
Naturally, Microsoft hasn’t forgotten lovers of keyboard shortcuts when it comes to
managing windows. Table 7-4 shows the ones that are unique to Office.
Table 7-4 Keyboard Shortcuts for Working with Windows
Keyboard Shortcut
Move to the next or previous Word window
Ctrl+F6 or Ctrl+Shift+F6
Move to the next or previous pane (applies to panes in a
split document, task panes, the ribbon, and status bar tools)
F6 or Shift+F6
Maximize or restore the current window
Split the current window or remove the split
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