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Searching for Nonstandard Characters
Searching for Nonstandard Characters
Searching in Word is not limited to letters, numbers, and other symbols. You’ll often want
to search for line-ending codes, perhaps to eliminate repeated line breaks or to find an
occurrence of text that is at the end of a paragraph, for example. Table 7-5 lists the special
characters and other items you can search for and the character string you enter to find
Table 7-5 Search Strings to Find Special Characters
Item to Find
Search String
Manual line break
^l (lowercase letter L)
Paragraph break
Column break
Manual page break
Section break
Tab character
White space (space or tab)
Nonbreaking space
Nonbreaking hyphen
Optional hyphen
En dash (–)
Em dash (—)
Caret (^)
Section symbol (§)
Paragraph symbol (¶)
Any character
Any letter
Any digit
Endnote mark
Footnote mark
Including Formatting in Your Search Criteria
You might’ve noticed the Advanced Find command, either on the menu in the Navigation
pane or on the Find menu in the Editing group on the Home tab. Selecting this command
opens the Find And Replace dialog box and displays the Find tab. Longtime Word users will
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