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Repeating a Search
recognize this as the Find interface from earlier (pre–Navigation pane) versions of Word,
but it continues to offer one capability that’s not available in the Navigation pane: search
for formatting.
You might want to use this feature to find an instance of a word in a heading or that’s in
boldface text, for example. To do that, on the Find tab in the Find And Replace dialog box,
click More to expose additional options. Enter the text you want to find in the Find What
box, and then click Format to specify the formatting you’re looking for.
INSIDE OUT Search for highlighted text
Highlighting text can be useful for students and others who want to mark important
passages and for content authors who want to mark a section for later review. Because
highlighting isn’t treated like other character formats, you might conclude that the
only way to return to the highlighted sections is to visually scan your pages.
Fortunately, that’s not the case.
To go to the next highlighted section, choose Advanced Find. Don’t enter any text in
the Find What box; just click Format (if the Format button doesn’t appear, first click
More), choose Highlight, and click Find Next.
Repeating a Search
If you use Advanced Find, you can leave the Find And Replace dialog box open even as you
work in your document. You can go to the first search result, make some edits, and then
click Find Next in the still-open Find And Replace dialog box to go to the next search result.
(Note, however, that you might encounter some limitations while the dialog box is open.
For example, you can’t move text by dragging and dropping.)
Similarly, the Navigation pane can stay open while you switch back and forth between
document and task pane, making it easy to go to the next result. Although the search results
and highlights in the Navigation pane disappear when you edit in the document, they
reappear when you click either of the arrows (the Previous Search Result or Next Search
Result button) to the right of the tabs.
If you do close the Find And Replace dialog box or the Navigation pane, however, you can
still go to the next result from your previous search: Simply press Ctrl+Alt+Y.
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