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the use of styles, themes, and templates offers more powerful ways to format a document.
Nonetheless, the principles of direct formatting apply to those methods as well.
To apply formatting, you select the text you want to format and then apply the format.
You can also apply formats without selecting text. Place the insertion point in a word,
and any character formats you choose are applied to the entire word. Any paragraph
formats you choose apply to the entire paragraph.
INSIDE OUT Use Word tricks for selecting text
All the usual techniques you know for selecting text in other Windows-based programs
(for an overview, see “Entering and Selecting Text” on page 107) work equally well in
Word. Because manipulating text is one of its core functions, Word offers additional
features for quickly and easily selecting text.
Touch typists and others who prefer keyboard shortcuts have an alternative to holding
the Shift key as they use arrow keys to extend the selection. Press (and release) F8. Then
use the arrow keys or other methods to extend the selection. Press Esc to cancel the F8
extend mode.
F8 is also handy for quick selections: Press it a second time to select a word, a third
time to select a sentence, a fourth time to select a paragraph, and a fifth time to select
the entire document. Press Shift+F8 to reduce the size of the selection.
Have you ever tried to make a vertical selection? Doing so is useful, for example, in
tabular text, where you want to select text in one column to format it. The trick for
doing that is to hold Alt or Ctrl+Alt as you drag, or press Ctrl+Shift+F8 and then use
arrow keys to extend the selection.
Other tricks for mouse users: Double-click to select a word, triple-click to select a
paragraph. Click in the left margin to select a line, or double-click in the left margin to
select a paragraph.
To make multiple selections (which allows you to apply formatting to many different
parts of a document simultaneously), hold the Ctrl key as you click and drag to make
each selection. If you accidentally select something you didn’t want to select, keep
holding Ctrl and click the wrong selection again; that selection is cleared, while the rest
of your selections remain.
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