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Formatting Text
this setting, click File, Options. On the Display tab, under Printing Options, select Print
Hidden Text.)
Don’t rely on hidden text to retain your deepest, darkest secrets. Anybody who has
access to your document file can display the hidden text.
In this chapter, we describe text formatting through the selection of fonts and basic
attributes. Word can do much more, however, including gradient ills, reflections, and other
effects. For details, see “Applying Text Effects with WordArt” on page 182 and “Applying
Advanced Text-Formatting Capabilities” on page 307.
Highlighting Text
You can highlight text—that is, apply a background color much as you would with a
highlighter felt pen on a paper document—by clicking the Text Highlight tool in the
Font group on the Home tab. (Optionally, click the arrow next to the tool to select a
different pen color.) The mouse pointer changes to a highlighter pen, and you can then
highlight various passages by dragging over them. Click the tool again or press Esc to
turn off the highlighter pen. (Alternatively, you can highlight text by selecting it and
then clicking the Text Highlight tool on the Home tab or on the Mini toolbar.)
Although you apply highlighting in the same fashion as character formats (such as bold
or a point size), it is not a character format. Highlighting can’t be included in a
character or paragraph style, and it is not removed when you click Clear Formatting (in the
Font group on the Home tab) or press Ctrl+Spacebar. To remove highlighting, click the
arrow by the Text Highlight tool and choose No Color.
Highlighting can be copied just like other formats. For details, see “Copying
Formatting” on page 128.
You can choose to hide highlighting on-screen and in printed documents without
removing it. (Click File, Options. On the Display tab, under Page Display Options, clear
Show Highlighter Marks.)
Although you can’t include highlighting in a style, you can use the Shading tool (in the
Paragraph group on the Home tab) to achieve a similar effect. Shading can be included
in character and paragraph styles.
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