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Formatting Paragraphs
Formatting Paragraphs
Options for managing paragraph formatting appear on the Home tab and on the Page
Layout tab (in the Paragraph group on both tabs).
The basics of paragraph formatting are the same in Word as in other Office programs; for
more information, see “Applying Paragraph Formatting” on page 125.
On either tab, clicking the arrow in the lower right corner opens the Paragraph dialog box,
shown in Figure 7-9. Here you can precisely set indents from the margins and line spacing.
Under Special, specify the indent
or outdent (hanging indent) for
the first line
Select Mirror Indents when you’re
printing on both sides of each page
and you want indents on facing
pages to mirror each other
Figure 7-9 Under Spacing, you specify the space between lines in a paragraph and the amount
of space above and below each paragraph.
As an alternative to the ribbon tools and the Paragraph dialog box, you can set indents by
using the ruler, shown in Figure 7-10. Simply drag the indent markers to relocate them. To
move the left indent and first indent simultaneously, drag the box below the left indent
marker. Note that indents can extend into the page margins (notice the right indent in the
figure); because indents are measured from the margin, the numeric values under
Indentation in the Paragraph dialog box are negative in this case.
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