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Formatting Paragraphs
First line indent
Left indent Right indent
Figure 7-10 The colored background in the ruler indicates the page margins.
Standard line spacing settings (single, double, and so on) are readily made with the Line
And Paragraph Spacing tool on the Home tab or by using keyboard shortcuts (see Table
7-7). Additional options are available only in the Paragraph dialog box. The Single option
accommodates the largest font or graphic in each line, plus a bit of extra space. (If you have
different point sizes in each line, the spacing within a paragraph will vary.) The 1.5 Lines,
Double, and Multiple options are multiples of the Single line spacing value. With the At
Least option, you specify a spacing value in points; Word uses the lesser of this value or the
size needed to accommodate the largest font or graphic in a line. The Exactly option spaces
all lines precisely at the height you specify, regardless of their content.
Table 7-7 Keyboard Shortcuts for Formatting Paragraphs
Keyboard Shortcut
Left align
Switch between centered and left-aligned
Switch between right-aligned and left-aligned
Switch between justified (aligned left and right) and left-aligned
Increase left indent to next 0.5 inch
Reduce left indent to next 0.5 inch
Create a hanging indent
Reduce the hanging indent
Set line spacing to Single
Set line spacing to Double
Set line spacing to 1.5 Lines
Add or remove space before (12 pt)
Clear all manual paragraph formatting
You also specify the space before (above) and after (below) each paragraph in the
Paragraph dialog box. Note that the space after one paragraph is not added to the space
before the following paragraph; instead, Word always uses the larger of the two values. The
Paragraph dialog box also includes an option to suppress the space before and after
paragraphs of the same style. This is handy, for example, with a bulleted list. You might want
space before and after the list to set it off from other text, but not have space between
each bullet item.
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