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Adding Headers, Footers, and Page Numbers
Specify a page size and set printer
options on the Paper tab
To quickly adjust the page margins, use the ruler. As shown earlier in Figure 7-10, the “live”
area within the margins is indicated by a white background in the ruler. To move a margin,
drag the edge of the colored area.
Also on the Page Layout tab, options in the Page Background group provide access to
some interesting, but seldom used, features. You can select or create a “watermark”—some
text or a picture that prints as a background on each sheet. Watermarks are often used to
identify proprietary information (with a message like “CONFIDENTIAL” or “DO NOT COPY”),
but the feature makes it easy to use a picture (which can be optionally washed out so it
doesn’t interfere with text) as a background. Clicking Page Borders opens the Borders And
Shading dialog box, wherein you can define a rectangular frame to surround each page.
For information about multicolumn and other complex layouts, see “Formatting Columns and
Sections” on page 248.
Adding Headers, Footers, and Page Numbers
A header or footer is a block of text at the top or bottom of each page. Some headers and
footers are constant throughout a document—perhaps showing your company name or a
document’s date. Headers and footers can also incorporate variable text; this can be as
simple as a page number, or it can vary depending on the page content. (For example, notice
the headers in this topic. The ones on left-hand pages include a page number, the chapter
number, and the chapter title; headers on right-hand pages include heading text, which
changes throughout the chapter.)
You’ll want to decide whether to use different headers and footers on left and right pages
(something to consider only if your document will be printed on both sides of the paper),
and whether you want to use a different header and footer (or none at all) on the first page
of the document. You can make those settings on the Layout tab of the Page Setup dialog
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