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Applying Styles
INSIDE OUT Use PowerPoint slide backgrounds to ill shapes
A consistent appearance among all your company’s documents lends a professional air,
but you can go a step further by incorporating similar graphic elements in your Word
documents and PowerPoint presentations. You can do that by using slide backgrounds
from your PowerPoint presentations to ill shapes in your Word document.
To use these backgrounds, be sure to select the same theme in your Word document
and in the PowerPoint presentation whose designs you want to echo. Select the shape
you want to format and then, under Drawing Tools, click the Format tab. In the Shape
Styles group, click the More button to open the gallery. At the bottom of the gallery,
click Other Theme Fills to display a gallery of ills that mirror elements in the
PowerPoint template.
The Adjacency Report template, used to create the document shown in Figure 7-12,
uses these ills as page backgrounds. Changing the theme selected a different, more
visible, background.
Applying Styles
The simplest way to apply a style is to make a selection in the Quick Style gallery, which
occupies most of the Styles group on the Home tab, as shown in Figure 7-13. As you
point to different options in the gallery, Live Preview shows how each option looks in your
As noted earlier, if you apply a paragraph style when no text is selected, Word applies
the style to the paragraph that contains the insertion point. Likewise, if all or parts
of more than one paragraph are selected, Word applies the paragraph style to each
paragraph that is fully or partially selected. However, if less than one full paragraph is
selected, Word applies only the character formats from the paragraph style and does
not apply any paragraph formats. For more information, see “Understanding Linked
Styles” on page 313.
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