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Applying Styles
name as the style is formatted. The Styles task pane has additional tricks and
capabilities; for details, see “Tools for Working with Styles” on page 231.
Paragraph style
Linked (paragraph
and character) style
Character style
Figure 7-14 The Styles pane includes a symbol that identifies each style’s type.
Use a keyboard shortcut to apply a style to the current selection. Table 7-8 shows
predeined shortcuts for applying styles, and you can define your own shortcuts for
applying other styles. To do that, open the Modify Style dialog box (for details, see
“Creating a New Style” on page 233) and click Format, Shortcut Key.
Table 7-8 Keyboard Shortcuts for Applying Styles
Keyboard Shortcut
Open the Apply Styles task pane
Open the Styles task pane
Apply the Normal paragraph style
Apply the Heading 1 style
Apply the Heading 2 style
Apply the Heading 3 style
Apply the List Bullet style
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