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Tools for Working with Styles
INSIDE OUT Change all occurrences of one style to another
You might have a need to change all instances of a style to another. This is often the
case when you import text from a document that uses different styles, for example. You
can use search and replace to find and replace each one, but there’s a simpler way to
select all occurrences of a style. In the Quick Style gallery, right-click the style of
interest and choose Select All xx Instance(s). (Alternatively, in the Styles task pane, click the
arrow to the right of a style name to find this command.) With all instances selected,
you can then apply another style, apply direct formatting, or even delete all paragraphs
formatted with that style.
Tools for Working with Styles
In addition to the tools for applying styles, Word offers several tools for examining
formatting and styles, including these:
Reveal Formatting Press Shift+F1 to display this task pane, which shows all the
formatting attributes applied to the current selection. Each of the blue underlined
headings in this task pane is a link to the dialog box in which you can change that
particular attribute.
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