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Creating a New Style
On the Recommend tab, you can identify certain styles as “recommended”
and specify the order in which they appear in the Styles or Apply Styles panes.
(To show recommended styles or other styles, click Options in the Styles pane,
shown earlier in Figure 7-14.)
To copy styles from one document or template to another, click Import/Export
to open the Organizer dialog box.
To add a style to the Quick Style gallery, open the Styles pane, click the arrow to the
right of the style name, and click Add To Quick Style Gallery. To remove a Quick Style
from the gallery (but not delete the style from the document), right-click the gallery
entry and choose Remove From Quick Style Gallery.
Creating a New Style
When the template you’re using doesn’t have a style you need, create a new one. You can
do this in either of two ways:
Use any combination of styles, themes, and direct formatting to create an example of
the style you want. Then right-click it, point to Styles, and choose Save Selection As
A New Quick Style. Word displays a dialog box in which you can give the new style a
name, which appears in the Quick Style gallery, the Styles pane, and the Apply Styles
pane. By default, the new style is stored in your document, but it is not added to the
template from which the document was created. To add it to the template, you need
to modify the style, which you can do by clicking Modify in the Create New Style
From Formatting dialog box.
Create a new style “from scratch.” In the Styles pane, click New Style (the first
button at the bottom of the pane). A dialog box similar to the one shown in Figure 7-15
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