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Creating a New Style
Figure 7-15 Basic character and paragraph formatting options are in this dialog box. Click
Format for additional options.
Some items in this dialog box require a bit of explanation:
Style Type Your choice here determines which options are available elsewhere in
the dialog box (see Table 7-9 for details), so it should be your first stop after you give
the style a name. For more information about the Linked style type, see “Understand-
ing Linked Styles” on page 313.
Style Based On If you want to make a style that’s similar to another one, you can
save time by selecting that style here. You won’t need to repeat its settings, and you
ensure that the two styles stay in sync. That is, if you make changes to the base style,
those changes appear in the new style automatically. If you want to be sure that the
new style does not change when you update another style, select No Style here.
Style For Following Paragraph This feature adds a bit of automation to your
document when you enter text by setting the style for the next paragraph when you
press Enter in a paragraph that uses this style. It’s typically used for heading styles, so
that the paragraph following a heading is automatically formatted as body text.
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