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Saving and Modifying Templates
For details about selecting a template when you create a new document, see “Using
Templates to Streamline Document Creation” on page 97.
You can apply a template to an existing document if, for example, you want to use the
styles from the template. Note, however, that when you apply a template this way, you
don’t get its text, graphics, and page layout. But if your goal is to pick up styles, follow
these steps:
1. Add the Templates button to the Quick Access Toolbar. (For details, see “Customizing
the Quick Access Toolbar” on page 62.) Alternatively, display the Developer tab. (See
“Personalizing the Ribbon” on page 57.)
2. Click the Templates button (or the Developer tab) and then click Document Template.
The Templates And Add-Ins dialog box appears.
3. On the Templates tab, click Attach. Browse to the template you want to apply, and
then click Open. Back in the Templates And Add-Ins dialog box, click OK.
If you want to use other template elements—its page layout and graphics, for example—a
better approach is to create a new document based on the template. Copy all the text from
your current document and paste it into the new document.
Saving and Modifying Templates
When you make changes to a style, those changes are stored in the current document
and affect all instances of the style in the document. When you want those changes to be
copied to the template from which the document was created (so that the changes affect
documents created from the template in the future), you must take an extra step. For each
style that you want to store in the template, open the Create New Style From Formatting
dialog box (shown earlier in Figure 7-15) or the nearly identical Modify Style dialog box. Be
sure that New Documents Based On This Template is selected, and then click OK. When you
close the document, Word asks if you want to save any unsaved changes, and also asks if
you want to save changes to the template. Click Save.
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