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Adding Pictures and Graphics
A graphic is cropped to just one line high
You might find that after you insert a picture or other graphic, it’s severely cropped, so
that only the bottom of the picture appears. This happens when an in-line graphic is
placed in a paragraph that has fixed line spacing. You can ix the problem—and show
the entire picture—in either of two ways.
Change the text wrapping to an option other than In Line With Text.
Change the line spacing for the paragraph to a setting other than Exactly.
For the simplest placement options, select a graphic and, on the Page Layout tab, click
Position. A gallery appears, and Live Preview shows the effect of each gallery option as you
hover the mouse pointer over it. Options in the Position gallery let you place a graphic at
any margin or centered between the margins.
To more precisely control the positioning of a picture or graphic in Word, you use the Wrap
Text option. You can get to Wrap Text by selecting the object and then clicking the Page
Layout tab; Wrap Text is in the Arrange group. (You’ll also find Wrap Text in the Arrange
group on the Format tab under Picture Tools or Drawing Tools.) Alternatively, right-click an
object to display a menu that includes Wrap Text.
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