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Working with Bulleted and Numbered Lists
Figure 7-17 The picture is a rectangular image, but wrap points let you determine how text
wraps around a graphic, regardless of the graphic’s actual shape. We also used wrap points to set
the curved left margin in this document.
Working with Bulleted and Numbered Lists
A common element in Word documents is a list. Bulleted lists are typically used when the
order of the items is unimportant, whereas numbered lists are often used for procedural
steps or in legal documents where each section can be identified by its number.
For simple bulleted and numbered lists, Word formats the paragraphs automatically as
you type. Begin a paragraph with an asterisk followed by a space, for example, and Word
removes the asterisk and applies an appropriate style that includes a bullet character and is
indented properly. A similar conversion occurs when you begin a paragraph by typing the
number 1 followed by a period and tab. The AutoFormat process continues when you press
Enter twice after the last list item: Word removes the extra paragraph and reverts to the
Normal paragraph style for subsequent paragraphs.
To apply standard list formats to existing paragraphs, select the paragraphs and then select
the Bullets tool or Numbering tool in the Paragraph group on the Home tab. Click the
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