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Checking Grammar and Spelling
INSIDE OUT Use SmartArt to create compelling lists
To create bulleted lists that are more visually interesting, take a look at SmartArt
graphics, which combine lists with chartlike graphics. For more information, see “Adding
SmartArt to Documents” on page 180.
One Other Type of Numbering: Line Numbers
Some documents must have line numbers printed in the margin of each page. This
feature, which is unrelated to the numbered lists described on the preceding pages,
is widely used in legal documents. To add line numbers to a document, on the Page
Layout tab, click Line Numbers (in the Page Setup group) to see a menu of numbering
options. For additional options (the ability to set the starting number, increment, and
distance from the text), click Line Numbering Options. On the Layout tab of the Page
Setup dialog box that appears, click Line Numbers.
Checking Grammar and Spelling
Office 2010 has a spelling checker that, for the most part, works the same in all Office
programs. For details about its use, see “Checking Spelling” on page 139. As we noted in that
section, however, Word also incorporates tools for checking grammar and style into the
spelling checker.
Grammatical errors that Word detects are marked in your document with a squiggly green
underline. As with spelling errors (which are marked with a squiggly red underline), you
can right-click the offending phrase or sentence to see a list of proposed corrections from
which you can choose, along with links to more information about the error. Results of the
grammar review also appear when you check spelling throughout a document by clicking
Spelling & Grammar on the Review tab (or by pressing this option’s shortcut key, F7).
Correct grammar is somewhat subjective, and you might want to limit the items that Word
lags for review or customize the rules to your personal style guidelines. For example, while
there is consensus on proper subject/verb agreement, grammar nitpickers still debate
the serial comma. To change how the grammar review works, click File, Options. On
the Proofing tab, scroll down to When Correcting Spelling And Grammar In Word. First,
decide whether you want Word to check for stylistic faux pas (such as passive sentences)
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